Ten Miscastings that Worked—Or Nearly Worked!

W.C. Fields (David Copperfield–1935)

Many actors give excellent performances, some give definitive performances, but only a few give incomparable performances. Boris Karloff was an incomparable Frankenstein’s Monster, Errol Flynn an incomparable Robin Hood and Robert Newton, an incomparable Long John Silver. For those playing Charles Dickens characters, Alec Guinness was an incomparable Fagin, Alastair Sim, an incomparable Scrooge, and, against the odds, W C Fields an incomparable Micawber! Read more at Shadowlocked.com...

Excerpted from “Ten Miscastings that Worked—Or Nearly Worked!” by Mark Iveson, Shadowlocked contributor.

W.C. Fields in top hat.